[ubuntu-studio-users] DNS restoration

Brian Hagen bdhagen at jvlnet.com
Thu Feb 16 15:22:09 UTC 2023

Hello, all,

     I am running Ubuntu Studio 18.04 on a LAN at home. From time to 
time, the modem and/or router has to be reset (ISP issues and such). 
Following that, although the Ubuntu machine can still access the 
Internet itself, the DNS-based access is no longer available. Commands 
such as 'ping <sitename>' verify that the sites can no longer be reached 
via DNS. Error messages are typically "Failure in resolution" and such 
text. The machine here still has the same IP address on the LAN as 
before the modem/router resets were done. Manual requests to reassign an 
IP address to the Ubuntu machine do not regain DNS connectivity.

     In spite of this errant status, services such as Spotify and email 
functions can still operate. Even so, I end up having to shut down every 
external service, dismount all partitions, and restart. What I would 
like to know is how to restore the DNS services without having to resort 
to a full-scale reboot.

     Comment is invited.


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