[ubuntu-studio-users] XFCE4 vs Ubuntu Studio 22.04 {External}

Alan W. Kerr awkerr at nrao.edu
Fri Apr 14 14:39:38 UTC 2023

actually, the reverse...
install Xubuntu then use the Ubuntu Studio Installer to change it.

Then, you basically have the same setup as the 20.04 and previous 
versions.  or, at least, I haven't noticed any changes...


On 4/14/23 00:54, "James Harkins" wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone has installed XFCE4 in Ubuntu Studio 22.04... known issues?
> KDE Plasma is... it's the little things... every week I run into at least one "what the...?"
> XFCE4 wasn't fancy or pretty but it Just Worked.
> hjh

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