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Erich Eickmeyer eeickmeyer at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 22 18:35:03 UTC 2020

The Ubuntu Studio team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 
Studio 20.10, code-named “Groovy Gorilla”. This marks Ubuntu Studio’s 
28th release. This release is a regular release, and as such it is 
supported for nine months until July 2021.

Since it’s just out, you may experience some issues, so you might want 
to wait a bit before upgrading. Please see the release notes 
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GroovyGorilla/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuStudio> for a 
complete list of changes and known issues.

You can download Ubuntu Studio 20.10 from ourdownload page 

If you find Ubuntu Studio useful, please considermaking a contribution. 


Due to the change in desktop environment this release,*direct upgrades 
to Ubuntu Studio 20.10 are not supported.*We recommend a clean install 
for this release:

 1. Backup your home directory (/home/{username})
 2. Install Ubuntu Studio 20.10
 3. Copy the contents of your backed-up home directory to your new home

    New This Release

The biggest new feature is the switch of desktop environment to KDE 
Plasma. We believe this will provide a more cohesive and integrated 
experience for many of the applications that we include by default. We 
have previously outlined our reasoning for this switch as part of 
our20.04 LTS release announcement. 

This release includes Plasma 5.19.5. If you would like a newer version, 
theKubuntu Backports PPA 
include a newer version of Plasma when ready.

We are excited to be a part of the KDE community with this change, and 
have embraced the warm welcome we have received.

You will notice that our theming and layout of Plasma looks very much 
like our Xfce theming. (Spoiler: it’s the same theme and layout!)


        Studio Controls replaces Ubuntu Studio Controls

*Ubuntu Studio Controls*has been spun-off into an independent project 
called*Studio Controls*. It contains much of the same functionality but 
also is available in many more projects than Ubuntu Studio. Studio 
Controls remains the easiest and most straightforward way to configure 
the Jack Audio Connection Kit and provide easy access to tools to help 
you with using it.

        Ardour 6.3

We are including the latest version of Ardour, version 6.3. This version 
has plenty of new featuresoutlined at the ardour website 
<https://ardour.org/whatsnew.html>, but contains one caviat:

Projects imported from Ardour 5.x are permanently changed to the new 
format. As such, plugins, if they are not installed, will not be 
detected and will result in a “stub” plugin. Additionally, Ardour 6 
includes a new Digital Signal Processor, meaning projects may not sound 
the same.*If you do not need the new functionality of Ardour 6, do not 
upgrade to Ubuntu Studio 20.10.*

        Other Notable Updates

We’ve added several new audio plugins this cycle, most notably:

  * Add64
  * Geonkick
  * Dragonfly Reverb
  * Bsequencer
  * Bslizr
  * Bchoppr

Carla has been upgraded to version 2.2.Full release announcement at 


        OBS Studio

Our inclusion of*OBS Studio*has been praised by many. Our goal is to 
become the #1 choice for live streaming and recording, and we hope that 
including OBS Studio out of the box helps usher this in. With the game 
availability on Steam, which runs native on Ubuntu Studio and is easily 
installed, and with Steam’s development of Proton for Windows games,*we 
believe game streamers and other streamers*on Youtube, Facebook, and 
Twitch*would benefit from such an all-inclusive operating system that 
would save them both money and time.*

Included this cycle is OBS Studio 26.0.2, whichincludes several new 
features and additions 
<https://projectobs.com/en/news/obs-studio-26-0/>, too numerous to list 

For those that would like to use the advanced audio processing power of 
JACK with OBS Studio, OBS Studio is JACK-aware!


We have chosen Kdenlive to be our default video editor for several 
reasons. The largest of which is that it is the most professional video 
editor included in the Ubuntu repositories, but also it integrates very 
well with the Plasma desktop.

This release brings version 20.08.1, which includes several new features 
that have beenoutlined at their website 

      Graphics and Photography


Artists will be glad to see Krita upgraded to version 4.3. While this 
may not be the latest release, it does include a number of new features 
over that included with Ubuntu Studio 20.04.

For a full list of new features, check out theKrita website. 


This version of the icon seemed appropriate for an October release. :)

For photographers, you’ll be glad to see Darktable 3.2.1 included by 
default. Additionally, Darktable has been chosen as our*default RAW 
Image Processing Platform*.

With Darktable 3.2 comes some major changes, such as an overhaul to the 
Lighttable, A new snapshot comparison line, improved tooltips, and more! 
For a complete list,check out the Darktable website. 

        Introducing Digikam

For the first time in Ubuntu Studio, we are including the KDE 
application*Digikam*by default. Digikam is the most-advanced photo 
editing and cataloging tool in Open Source and includes a number of 
major features that integrate well into the Plasma desktop.

The version we have by default is version 6.4.0. For more information 
about Digikam 6.4.0,read the release announcement. 

We realize that the version we include, 6.4.0, is not the most recent 
version, which is why we include Digikam 7.1.0 in theUbuntu Studio 
Backports PPA. <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/BackportsPPA>

For more information about Digikam 7.1.0,read the release announcement. 

      More Updates

There are many more updates not covered here but are mentioned in the 
Release Notes. We highly recommend reading those release notes so you 
know what has been updated and know any known issues that you may encounter.

    Introducing the Ubuntu Studio Marketplace


Have you ever wanted to buy some gear to show off your love for Ubuntu 
Studio? Now you can! We just launched the Ubuntu Studio Marketplace. 
 From now until October 27th, you can get our special launch discount of 
15% off.

We have items like backpacks, coffee mugs, buttons, and more! Items for 
men, women, and children, even babies!Get your gear today! 

Proceeds from commissions go toward supporting further Ubuntu Studio 

    Now Accepting Donations!

If you find Ubuntu Studio useful, we highly encourage you to donate 
toward its prolonged development. We would be grateful for any donations 

      Three ways to donate!


*The official launch date of our Patreon campaign is 
have many goals, including being able to pay one or more developers at 
least a part-time wage for their work on Ubuntu Studio. However, we do 
have some benefits we would like to offer our patrons. We are still 
hammering-out what those benefits might be, and we would love to hear 
some feedback about what those benefits might be. Become a patron, and 
we can have that conversation together!


LiberaPay➔We receive
per week <https://liberapay.com/ubuntustudio/donate>

*Liberapay <https://liberapay.com/ubuntustudio/donate>*is a great way to 
donate to Ubuntu Studio. It is built around projects, like ours, that 
are made of and using free and open source software. Their system is 
designed to provide stable cowdfunded income to creators.


You can also donate directly via*PayPal.* You can establish either 
monthly recurring donations or make one-time donations. Whatever you 
decide is appreciated!

    Get Involved!

Another great way to contribute is to get involved with the project 
directly! We’re always looking for new volunteers to help with 
packaging, documentation, tutorials, user support, and MORE!Check out 
all the ways you can contribute! <https://ubuntustudio.org/contribute/>

    Special Thanks

Huge special thanks for this release go to:

  * *Len Ovens:*Studio Controls, Ubuntu Studio Installer, Coding
  * *Thomas Ward*: Packaging, Ubuntu Core Developer for Ubuntu Studio
  * *Eylul Dogruel*: Artwork, Graphics Design, Website Design Lead
  * *Ross Gammon*: Upstream Debian Developer, Guidance
  * *Rik Mills*: Kubuntu Council Member, help with Plasma desktop
  * *Mauro Gaspari*: Tutorials, promotion, and documentation
  * *Krytarik Raido*: IRC Moderator, Mailing List Moderator
  * *Erich Eickmeyer*: Project Leader, Packaging, Direction, Treasurer,
    KDE Plasma Transition

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