[ubuntu-studio-users] Problem with Asus FX505 Tuf Gaming laptop after installing 20.04

Mike Squires michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 14:33:33 UTC 2020

A data point:  I'm using an HP Envy 17 laptop, older Intel i7 processor, 
and according to the "Software & Updates" panel I'm using the X.Org X 
server with the Noveau display driver.

Nvidia hardware is "GeForce 940M".

No problems.

I'm not doing anything really complex, the usual home stuff but no 
gaming (D&D using VTT and discord, but nothing very taxing to the system).

Installation was from the DVD, nothing other than the usual items asked 
for during the installation.

Mike Squires

On 10/19/20 4:19 PM, David King wrote:
> I bought an Asus FX505 Tuf Gaming laptop, with Intel Core i5 CPU and 
> Nvidia GPU.
> It came with Windows 10. I booted from USB to live Ubuntu Studio 20.04 
> and installed it after repartitioning.
> I can boot into Ubuntu Studio, but after a few minutes, everything 
> except the mouse freezes. I can move the mouse around, but not click 
> on anything, not drag anything. Key presses do nothing. I could press 
> CTRL ALT F1 for a terminal and do things there, but since I updated 
> the kernel to 5.8.0-23-lowlatency, even that no longer works after 
> booting.
> I would really like to get Ubuntu Studio working on this laptop, as 
> Windows 10 sucks. I can revert it all back to just Windows 10 if 
> necessary, but would rather use Linux.
> Any ideas on what is wrong?
> Some websites suggest the graphics driver. I have the Nvidia 
> proprietary driver installed and selected, originally the Xorg-nouveau 
> driver was in use, but I removed this as some say it is buggy.
> David
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