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Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Fri Jun 26 20:26:32 UTC 2020

Hi Erich,

I apologise for top posting, but I wanted to ask a quick related
question. Maybe I missed it, but one thing I haven't seen mentioned is
the upgrade path.

It is clear to me that if you stay with 20.04 for the supported 3 years,
you will keep whatever desktop you have (e.g. XFCE which is default for
Ubuntu Studio).

It is also clear that if you do a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 20.10
you will get Plasma.

But what happens if you upgrade Ubuntu Studio from 20.04 to 20.10 (or
from 20.04 to the next LTS release 22.04)? The announcement mentioned
likely breakage? Personally, I would prefer that either I kept the same
desktop, or I was smoothly migrated over to Plasma.

I have always wondered what all the fuss is about with the "desktop
debate". I use Ubuntu Studio on two machines. One is standard Ubuntu
Studio (XFCE), and the other is standard Ubuntu with Ubuntu Studio
installed on top with the installer (Gnome).

The most important thing for me is being able to find the applications,
and then learning the tricks to arranging the open windows the way I
want them. It has never taken me long to work out a new desktop (but I
am a very basic user).

Maybe we should publish a guide to help people migrate from XFCE to
Plasma? What are the tips and tricks to carry on recording in the new
environment without embarrassing yourself in a professional scenario?



On 25/06/2020 22:37, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 12:32 PM Mac <macdroid53 at gmail.com
> <mailto:macdroid53 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I'm not sure I'm too upset either way.
>     I apologise, I did go to the archive and didn't find the beginning
>     of this thread...but am curious, and I do remember the early
>     posts...but, didn't take note:
>     Can you reiterate why the change to KDE is being made?
> It was all covered
> here: https://ubuntustudio.org/2020/04/ubuntu-studio-20-04-lts-released/
> The website should be your first source of information, not a mailing list.
>     I will say I like the clean look of xfce and find KDE, in general,
>     more "candy crush"ish or "Chiclets" to look at.
> The Plasma desktop we're using for 20.10 is themed exactly the same as
> KDE. And, if you have that opinion, it's clear you haven't even looked
> at Plasma in several years, perhaps even decades. There are some
> screenshots as to the progress made in the news section on the website,
> and you'll notice that the Plasma desktop for 20.10 looks nearly
> identical to our default Xfce for 20.04 LTS.
>     Also, again, just so I'm clear: I should not (when 20.10 arrives)
>     install UbuntuStudio 20.10 and then xfce on it (this is what I do in
>     vanilla, Debian, but I, of course don't have Ubuntu studio there
>     either...). Again, just curious, is UBS that entwined in the desktop?
> Remember: Ubuntu Studio is Ubuntu and is not entwined with a destop. For
> the *supported* method of installing Ubuntu Studio on a different Ubuntu
> flavor (therefore, desktop), see
> here: https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer. Long story
> short, you'd use Xubuntu for Xfce.
> Additionally, nobody is forcing you to use 20.10. 20.04 is an LTS
> release and is supported for 3 years.
>     (Note: to date, I've not paid much attention to desktops in general.
>     To be honest I have better things to do than tweak colors, and
>     backgrounds, etc. I'm one of those users who don't have ANY games on
>     my PC's...and yes, I have far too many Linux machines on my home
>     net...double digits.   )
> I'm going to be blunt here: you're not paying much attention in general,
> to either the website or to this mailing list where I've answered these
> questions ad-nauseum. This is literally the third time I've answered
> this question this week. Please read the website before posting on this
> mailing list in the future as all of these questions have been answered.
> I mean, I'm sorry to sound rude, but you're simply not paying attention
> to already published information and answered questions.
> -Erich
> ----
> Erich Eickmeyer
> Project Leader
> Ubuntu Studio
> ubuntustudio.org <http://ubuntustudio.org>

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