[ubuntu-studio-users] ubuntustudio and KDE

Mac macdroid53 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 19:31:09 UTC 2020


I'm not sure I'm too upset either way.

I apologise, I did go to the archive and didn't find the beginning of this
thread...but am curious, and I do remember the early posts...but, didn't
take note:
Can you reiterate why the change to KDE is being made?

I will say I like the clean look of xfce and find KDE, in general, more
"candy crush"ish or "Chiclets" to look at.

Also, again, just so I'm clear: I should not (when 20.10 arrives) install
UbuntuStudio 20.10 and then xfce on it (this is what I do in vanilla,
Debian, but I, of course don't have Ubuntu studio there either...). Again,
just curious, is UBS that entwined in the desktop?

(Note: to date, I've not paid much attention to desktops in general. To be
honest I have better things to do than tweak colors, and backgrounds, etc.
I'm one of those users who don't have ANY games on my PC's...and yes, I
have far too many Linux machines on my home net...double digits.   )

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