[ubuntu-studio-users] Fwd: Re: the new ubuntustudio20.04 and KDE

Dave at Dalek Zone dave at dalek.zone
Wed Jun 24 00:30:41 UTC 2020

As  far as I know, from reading the Ubuntu Studio blog, the situation is 
this: the 20.04 image/installer for Ubuntu Studio is still uses XFCE as 
the default installed GUI. Apparently, in some near-future version, the 
project will be switching to KDE - but that has not happened yet. At 
present, the project devs apparently recommend installing Kubuntu and 
then installing the Ubuntu Studio environment package to layer it over 
the top of KDE.

But, with Ubuntu Studio on XFCE, if one wants KDE, one can simply 
install the KDE GUI and choose it at login time. I'm guessing that, when 
Ubuntu Studio goes KDE-based, you'll simply be able to install the XFCE 
GUI and choose that instead at login time (you make the choice once, and 
then it's the default option in subsequent logins).

So you'll probably still be able to use XFCE in the future. And Ubuntu 
Studio remains XFCE-based in 20.04.

Hope this helps.

All best wishes,

On 2020-06-24 03:21, Tommy Hjalmarsson wrote:
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>  		Wed, 24 Jun 2020 02:12:19 +0200
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>  		Tommy Hjalmarsson <hjalmarssontommy at gmail.com>
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>  		hans Schneidhofer <mei-mail at posteo.de>
> Install Xubuntu, install Ubuntu Studio Installer.
> Info: https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer
> On 2020-06-24 01:43, hans Schneidhofer wrote:
>> hi list,
>> is KDE mandatory for ubuntustudio 20.04 ? Because I am working now
>> for
>> some years with Xubuntu - aka XFCE on the 18.04 - and I am not
>> really
>> happy with the idea, that KDE should be the "New holy gral" for
>> Ubuntustudio 20.04.
>> If this would happen, I think I would change to AV-Studio, which
>> have
>> the xfce-environment. For shure it is debian-buster-based, but as I
>> can
>> read some informations about buster, it is really really very
>> stable.
>> KDE was never "my environment" and also I don't like it for the
>> future
>> - also not in connection with ubuntustudio 20.04.
>> So I hope, it would be possible to run ubuntustudio 20.04 also with
>> xfce and not only with KDE.
>> bye hans

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