[ubuntu-studio-users] Dual System-Startup-Beginner

András isza at aon.at
Thu Jun 18 08:45:13 UTC 2020


I am a Mac user for a few decades now and I am looking for ways to escape from that system. On a friend’s recommendation I am now investigating Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS.

I am a complete beginner in Ubuntu, so my idea is to set up an Ubuntu system on a separate media but for now continue to use Apple’s High Sierra (OS 10.13.6) the last compatible OS with my Mac Mini Mid 2011.

I have found an article on the web about installing dual systems on the Mac which I tried to follow. The media which I chose for keeping the Ubuntu system is a WD 2 TB external HD USB. For starting I used a 32 GB USB Stick.
To get the downloaded iso file onto the Stick I had to burn it with BalenaEtcher. It then started up fine form the Stick. When I had a choice to install Ubuntu permanently I chose the 2 TB HD and finished the installation there. After playing around and discovering the way Ubuntu works I switched back to Mac OS.

When I wanted to start Ubuntu again the next day from the 2 TB HD, it wouldn’t go beyond an initial black screen with text, awaiting some command. I never got as far as the Ubuntu logo.

What am I doing wrong or not doing that impedes the start up of the installed system from the HD?

I’d very much appreciate your help. After the initial joy about the new system it’s now total frustration. By the way, I am not a programmer or computer geek, as you may have noticed, so I’d appreciate some idiot-proof advice. Thanks!



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