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We are requesting requesting Geonkick is packaged for Debian in UbuntuStudio.
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Hi Hans,

On 5/28/20 5:43 PM, hans Schneidhofer wrote:
> hi Erik,
> sorry - for this misunderstanding. I am a member of this list, but I
> have forgot to change my email-adress. It was necessary, because I have
> a new Provider since a few months.
> My mailadress so far was linuser at aon.at, the new mail is mei-
> mail at posteo.de.
> How can I do this change for this list ? Because it is a really long
> time, since I made my registration as a member for this list.

I fixed it for you. :)

> Okay, I'll download this "Live ISO-image" for trying out this
> Steinberg-Device ARX4U in the next few days. As soon as I get the
> package.
> Until now I'm using also a Steinberg-Interface : UR22mkII.
> It is up and running without any problems.
> The only one problem I have with it, I cannot get any firmware-updates
> from Steinberg or from the linux-community.
> If you know any sources, where I can get such updates, it would be
> really nice, someone could give me a hint.
> As long as such a new update is provided or available.
Unfortunately, unless Steinberg makes the firmware installable from
Ubuntu (or other Linux distributions), there's really no way to update
the firmware. I keep Windows around for purposes such as these. I know,
that's not ideal, but I believe you use what you need and what works
best. :)


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