[ubuntu-studio-users] fsck on boot partion?

Brian Hagen bdhagen at fastmail.com
Mon Jan 20 01:37:53 UTC 2020

Hello, all:

     In older versions of Linux it was commonly available to have the 
fsck utility run on the root partition via a few methods. These included 
the command "shutdown -F -r"; also via doing a "touch" on a filename 
such as "forcefsck", etc.

     With Ubuntu Studio, I do not know of a functional equivalent. Yes, 
I can boot up from a diagnostic media and run it from there. However, I 
have a concern with this: if filesystem corrections are to be made, how 
would one know that the booting OS will run them correctly on the hard 
drive's OS? The corrections could easily do more damage than good. At 
the moment, my system seems to be A-OK. However, I miss having the 
security of knowing that at any time, I could reboot and have the 
system's integrity validated with diagnostics results being displayed.

     Comment is invited.


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