[ubuntu-studio-users] Carla - sound card not showing up

Ross Gammon ubuntustudio at the-gammons.net
Sun Aug 2 06:51:08 UTC 2020


On 02/08/2020 08:04, 0thermail at protonmail.com wrote:
> Hello, 
> I have just done a fresh install of kubuntu 20.04 + the ubuntu studio
> installer.
> However when I open Studio Controls and click on 'start or restart Jack'
> nothing happens (jack does not start). I am able to start jack via
> Qjackctl.
> But when I open Carla, my sound card (focusrite scarlett) does not show
> up in the patch bay. (It is detected and listed if i type 'lsusb' in the
> terminal)
> I have used carla with this sound card in the past on an older version
> of ubuntu studio and I'm sure it was plug and play. Have tried a few
> different sound cards.
> Am I forgetting or missing something obvious? Thanks for any tips

I also have a Focusrite Scarlett (2nd Gen) with a similar set up, except
it is standard Ubuntu (Gnome) 20.04. I have not had problems until
recently when sometimes the device is not available and I have to turn
it off and on again. It has only happened twice and I have not tracked
the problem down.

What are your settings in Studio Controls (Audio Setup)? Do you have the
Ubuntu Studio ppa set up to get the latest versions of the US packages?


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