[ubuntu-studio-users] Mother Earth killed my qtractor-setup

Roy Damen roydamen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 21:40:03 UTC 2019

Hello fellow UbuntuStudio users,

A few days ago i said something in hope to stimulate some action in the
ubuntu-forums but it backfired good since i have even my garden connected
to the studio.(just simple for now) There felled so much rain that there
was a short-circuit in the electricity which resulted in a ground-leak and
drop out of everything, including the rain. This is no joke.

Now the problem is that every time my computer reboots qtractor gives no
output sound. I can't figure out why and i read over about hundred of times
every line of the config. But when i start a new one which means i have to
reprogram a lot of things every time it works. Even the backup from the
working good one does not work.

Today i couldn't make music with my friend because it was too much of a
No problem for the future since carla will load everything i need but i am
on a steady 18.04 and will keep it proberbly for this computer.

Maybe this is a known issue otherwise i will look in deeper and fix it here
and when usefull on the correct channels..

Best regards and hope for good future of UbuntuStudio,

Roy Damen
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