[ubuntu-studio-users] Bluetooth headphone

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Mar 12 12:36:18 UTC 2019


I'm looking for an over ear bluetooth headphone. I like semi-open
headphones with unobtrusive bass. In the studio I'm using the
discontinued diffuse field-equalised AKG 240 DF since decades. It's not
a bluetooth headphone and for sure not the best headphone for hifi
enjoyment, but it's perhaps the best headphone for hours of studio work.

The wanted audio quality of the bluetooth headphone doesn't need to be
usable to gage a mix, it's important that it doesn't cause fatigue or

I'm really looking for a bluetooth headphone and nothing else. I'm aware
about latency, as well as loss of audio quality.

I already own an audio interface, so apart from 16 analog IOs, I also
have separated analog headphone outputs.

Linux bluetooth support is also no concern, since I'll not pair the
headphone with my Linux DAW. The headphone is used with equipment that
is used in combination with a Linux machine and this equipment works
trouble-free with bluetooth. Tested with a Sony WH-CH400, an on ear
headphone that does cause fatigue within a few minutes and illness in
less than an hour.

So far the best dissent-free reviews I've read are about the

Pioneer SE-MS7BT-K

and the

Superlux HDB-671

both could be used as wired headphones, too.

They are closed headphones. Fortunately the isolation of the Superlux
seems to be less perfect and the design looks close to the AKG design,
so at the moment it's my favourite, but I never tested one of those

There's no dealer close to me, where I could test equipment. I need to
order headphones and return headphones I dislike. Before doing this I'm
interested in experience reports and opinions.

The mentioned headphones cost less than 100,- €. I'm willing to pay more
than 100,-€, as long as the high price isn't just for esoteric reasons.


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