[ubuntu-studio-users] Updates for January 2019

charlie ircsurfer at icloud.com
Thu Jan 31 17:35:23 UTC 2019

hey guys. i don't see the rest of the messages to the list but i see 
there's a call for people to come to the group IRC room to help with 
questions and just hang out. i can definitely do that, too, since i'm 
usually at my computer most of the day, except for when i take a break. 
but i'd love to sit in the chatroom and just hang out. see ya there!

On 1/28/19 12:21 PM, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
> Hi Viktor,
> On 1/28/2019 5:12 AM, Viktor Mastoridis wrote:
>>>      Currently, we are looking for people to come to the #ubuntustudio
>>>      IRC chatroom at irc.freenode.net <http://irc.freenode.net> and
>>>      participate by helping people with technical support.
>> Sorry for the (possibly) silly question, I haven't IRC for a long time:
>> Do you mean simply log-in to #ubuntustudio IRC chatroom, hang there
>> and reply to possible questions (if one knows the answer?)
> Yes! Exactly! :)
Charlie Luna


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