[ubuntu-studio-users] Continuing problem with Ubuntu upgrade

sciguy at vex.net sciguy at vex.net
Mon Feb 11 03:24:13 UTC 2019

First of all, I tried some window managers, and it looks like I can in fact get X-windows up, so long as the window manager is fvwm2. Twm, kded4, kded6, gdm all don't work right now.

Back to the network problem. dhcpcd does not appear to be installed. Also, I don't have any directories patterned after "enp?s0" as suggested below. The only thing under /sys/class/net/ is eth0. I hook up to the internet via a router through my ethernet connection. The router knows about pppoe.

pppoeconf led to a console-based dialog which tried to configure an ethernet connection, but couldn't find one. This looks like I will possibly have a problem with dependencies. I can't get the Ubuntu 14.x dhcpcd, I will need the one for 18.x and its dependencies. Any ideas?

For the record, a new pastebin of the output of the commands suggested below, along with an output of "lsmod", is on another pastebin: https://pastebin.com/cwNxF8t6


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> >It suggests "apt-get -f install". I tried this but it doesn't appear
> >that networking is up.
> For connecting by DHCP run
> sudo dhcpcd $(basename $(ls -d /sys/class/net/enp?s0))
> For establishing the Internet access via PPPoE run
> sudo modprobe -v pppoe
> sudo pppoeconf  #if you already configured pppoe, you could skip this
> command sudo ip link set $(basename $(ls -d /sys/class/net/enp?s0)) up
> #dunno if ip link is required sudo pon || sudo pon dsl-provider
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