[ubuntu-studio-users] Continuing problem with Ubuntu upgrade

sciguy at vex.net sciguy at vex.net
Sun Feb 10 13:00:36 UTC 2019


I have obtained a lot of good help from this list; and I had to stop a few
weeks ago when I had to devote my attention to other more pressing matters,
and now I have had a chance to go a bit further into fixing this
installation and concluding this install process on reasonable terms. 

Initially (that is, last time I did any work on the installation), the
computer stalled on reboot. It would go into an emergency shell. 

Today, I got, for whatever reason, a normal shell (no X-windows), after
never hacing booted into Linux in between times. The computer in question
dual-boots to Windows 10. But finally I was able to check some things out in
a console. 

apt-get complains about unmet dependencies, and is listing hundreds of
un-installed packages in its error message. I captured this on Pastebin:

It suggests "apt-get -f install". I tried this but it doesn't appear that
networking is up.

Paul King
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