[ubuntu-studio-users] Ubuntu Studio Backports PPA

Erich Eickmeyer eeickmeyer at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 29 16:57:16 UTC 2019

Hi Mark,

You might have to run "sudo apt full-upgrade". But, specifically, the calf 
problem might be caused by the calf-ladspa package, which may also have to be 
completely removed ("sudo apt purge calf-ladspa && sudo apt full-upgrade"). 
So, if the full-upgrade doesn't clean things up the first time, removing the 
calf-ladspa package and running the upgrade again should do the trick.

I CC'd this into the Ubuntu Studio Users list since there are others that 
might benefit from this. Feel free to subscribe to it at https://


On Monday, April 29, 2019 8:54:15 AM PDT you wrote:
> Hi Erich,
> Nice to meet you at Linuxfest NW. I'm running Ubuntu Studio version
> 18.04 but just ran the backport command line that you suggested in
> your previous email.
> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntustudio-ppa/backports
> My current version of Calf LV2 crashes Ardour. I read your post in this
> forum...
> https://github.com/calf-studio-gear/calf/issues/181
> "I'm pleased to report, after all this time, calf 0.90.1 has been
> released to Debian Unstable (or should be shortly) and Ubuntu Disco
> Dingo."
> I still see version Calf 0.60-5 in my software repository despite the
> backport. Do I need to install 19.04 to get it?
> Thanks,
> Mark
> On Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 10:53 AM <eeickmeyer at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> > sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntustudio-ppa/backports
> > 
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> > Erich Eickmeyer
> > Council Chair
> > Ubuntu Studio
> > 
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