[ubuntu-studio-users] 18.04 backport, Ubuntustudio controls and ffado

Mac macdroid53 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 15:12:19 UTC 2019


I have never been able to start and when needed restart jack successfully
on a particular PC. When I would start Qjackctl and start with ffado it
would work fine, but, if for any reason I needed to stop (in Qjackctl) and
start again, it would just complain it couldn't connect to the server.
Reboot and it was good for one start again. (And, I've always wondered why
at some point I started seeing my AF12 available as 12 channels in pulse
audio control. I have recently learned this was because firew was added to
the alsa stack.)

So when I saw the backport that added Ubuntu Studio Controls if figured it
would be good to give it a go.

And it appears to work ok. Start/start as needed...great. It appears to be
using the alsa stack with jack...good, I guess?

But, when I started to get into things, during playback I would
occasionally get a loud digital sounding burst (and I mean loud,
speaker/eardrum damaging loud).

I had never had such issues with jack/ffado. So I set out to try just
jack/ffado, no alsa.

- I can't seem to stop jack/alsa from starting.
- Unbuntu Studio Controls will not save the selections for Auto Start Jack
or Bridge ALSA, etc.

If I issue a jack_control stop, set the device, etc. then jack_control
start it complains: Generic failed to open server.

Any ideas why UnStudio Controls won't save my selections?

Any guidance on how to not use alsa and use ffado?

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