[ubuntu-studio-users] Problem with two HD monitors

Mike Squires michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 01:54:14 UTC 2018

I have two HP 27" HD (1080P) monitors.  They are set up so that my 
desktop extends across both monitors.  Left monitor is "1" and right is "2".

Ubuntu Studio 18.04, Radeon R430 (X800 XL) video card; motherboard is a 
SuperMicro X7DAE with two Xeon E5335 CPUs (quad-core).  Disk uses a 
3ware 9550-8.

The problem I have is that some applications disappear when they get 
about 1/2 of the way across the second monitor.  This does not appear as 
the window is moved to the bottom anywhere, just as the window is moved 
to the right on the second monitor.

For example, the "Terminal Emulator" that appears in the menu 
disappears; if I execute "xterm &" in that window the xterm instance 
does not vanish anywhere.

It seems to have to do with the method in which the video is addressed; 
if I knew more I suspect that knowing that "Terminal Emulator" 
disappears while "xterm" does not would give me the answer, but I don't.

The Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email program, executed from the 
menu, do not have this behavior.

This behavior is specific to Ubuntu Studio; it does not appear when I 
dual-boot into Windows 7, nor did it appear when the same hardware was 
running FreeBSD over several versions.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Mike Squires

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