[ubuntu-studio-users] Fwd: Non-final, but very testable (hint, hint) Cosmic RC builds

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Sun Oct 14 09:22:22 UTC 2018

As you can see below, final testing has started for Ubuntu Studio 18.10
(Cosmic Cuttlefish).


I you have an interest in helping a good release, then please get
testing. Instructions are on the tracker (link above).

There will be other builds with fixes, so please plan to test several
(or all) nights this week until Thursday (18th October).



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Subject: 	Non-final, but very testable (hint, hint) Cosmic RC builds
Date: 	Sat, 13 Oct 2018 23:31:45 +0000
From: 	Adam Conrad <adconrad at ubuntu.com>
To: 	ubuntu-release at lists.ubuntu.com

Over the next few hours, builds will start popping on the Cosmic Final
milestone page[1] on the ISO tracker.  These builds are not final.
We're still waiting on a few more fixes, a few things to migrate, etc.
I've intentionally not updated base-files or the ISO labels to reflect
the release status (so please don't file bugs about those).

What there are, however, are "close enough" for people to be testing in
anger, filing bugs, fixing bugs, iterating image builds, and testing
all over again.  So, please, don't wait until Wednesday night to test,
testing just before release is TOO LATE to get anything fixed.  Get out
there, grab your favourite ISO, beat it up, report bugs, escalate bugs,
get things fixed, respin (if you're a flavour lead with access), and
test, test... And test.  Did I mention testing?  Please[2] test.


... Adam

[1] http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/397/builds
[2] Please.

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