[ubuntu-studio-users] Please explain me 18.04 is not LTS

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Wed May 2 05:17:01 UTC 2018

>I read that Ubuntu Studio 18.04 is not an LTS, but I don't understand why if Ubuntu 18.04 is LTS. And is so that what after Ubuntu Studio 18.04 when are an LTS, I don't understand

I just made a blog post on the official site, quoted below:

For everyone who is asking why 18.04 is not an LTS, let me be clear: we are very much in need of volunteers to help with development. We especially need help with packaging and documentation.

This entire project is run by volunteers. Nobody on the Ubuntu Studio team is employed by Canonical. We do this out of passion for the project.

That said, we simply do not currently have the manpower that it takes to support a Long-Term Support version. If you would like to change that for future releases, please help!

What this means: There will be no further versions of the Ubuntu Studio 18.04 ISO image file. There will be no backports other than those items backported in the official Ubuntu repositories. That said, the Ubuntu stack (including lowlatency kernel) will be supported for 5 years. So, for those (especially 16.04 users) fearing they can’t upgrade to 18.04 because it’s not LTS, fear not. Your packages will continue to update.

For the team, this means that our focus is on 18.10 going forward. We want to put a lot of energy into making it great and even looking to making some changes. We did not want to do this for 18.04 because with big changes comes bugs, and we don’t have the manpower to be chasing those bugs. 18.04 is a solid release that is evolutionary from 17.10. Evolutionary, not revolutionary.

Please contribute. Find out how at http://ubuntustudio.org/contribute
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