[ubuntu-studio-users] writing a CD-image from a wav and a cue file

bart deruyter bart.deruyter at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 07:19:37 UTC 2018

I managed to get it done with a workaround, it's not an iso though, but
from my research it seems that it is not really possible, or good to make
an iso from an audio CD because an audio CD doesn't contain data blocks...
a bit too technical for me.

Anyhow, I managed to create a .bin image, which is aparently meant for
audio-CD's, together with a toc by using good old 'Rhythmbox' :-) .

I did have to create a physical CD first though, and in my eyes that is
redundancy, it should be somehow possible to create a bin-file without
having to burn an actual CD.
(I think it used to be possible in previous versions of Ardour, if I
remember it correctly, but now it isn't anymore)
Then in Rhythmbox, copy CD to image, which creates a bin-file.

 When trying the same in K3b, copying the actual physical CD to an image,
K3b again created a series of wav files instead of an image file :-( .

Anyhow, Rhythmbox saved me, I now am sending our album to get pressed..
exciting :-D .

By the way, the artwork and the music, it was all written, recorded and
mixed in ubuntustudio with the extra packages of KX-studio ;-)


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Op di 19 jun. 2018 om 20:32 schreef Erich Eickmeyer <
erich at ericheickmeyer.com>:

> On 06/19/2018 10:50 AM, bart deruyter wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have now spent a few hours on finding a way to write an audio-cd
> > image. Time to ask for help :-) .
> >
> > Here some background to understand what I need to achieve:
> >
> > I've got all the songs of my album in one long ardour session, which I
> > exported as one long wav-file, together with a .cue file.
> >
> > From that wav and cue file I can perfectly write regular physical
> > audio-CD's with K3b, (brasero seems to fail with cue files completely)
> > but when set K3b to 'only create image', it creates 13 seperate wav
> > files, which are the 13 seperate songs. I'd expect a .iso, but
> > whatever I try, I only get those 13 seperate wavs.
> >
> > So, I guess I must be missing something fundamental here.. but what?
> >
> > In ohter words, is there some way to create an iso from only a wav and
> > a cue file? I need it to send it to the company who'll press our CD's.
> >
> > grtz, and thanks in advance
> > Bart
> >
> Hi Bart,
> I just looked into this and I'm completely stumped, but I don't have a
> way to replicate what you are trying to accomplish. Anyone else on this
> list is welcome to chime-in.
> I'd highly recommend getting onto the Freenode IRC network and asking
> someone in #ubuntustudio, #kubuntu, #ubuntu, or #k3b (you might have to
> wait to get a response, especially in #k3b, sometimes hours for any of
> those channels). Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio are different flavors of the
> same Linux distribution, and since k3b isn't exclusive to just Ubuntu
> Studio, you have more than one channel for help. If you go to a chat
> room, someone is more likely to be able to walk you through it.
> Thanks,
> Erich
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