[ubuntu-studio-users] Help me to install Jack Audio Connection Kit because no more 32 bits support

Erich Eickmeyer erich at ericheickmeyer.com
Wed Jun 6 14:52:23 UTC 2018

On 6/5/2018 9:06 PM, WMID wrote:

> I have a DVD with Ubuntu Studio 13.04, I remember long time ago
> I have a Blog and always speak about you
> https://facilitarelsoftwarelibre.blogspot.com in many post
> I have a facebook account and at the end of many of my videos that I
> are edited I set "Editado con kdenlive en UbuntuStudio"
> https://www.facebook.com/wachin.id/media_set?set=vb.100000067113078&type=2
> But is the end of 32 bits, it is my end:
> http://ubuntustudio.org/2018/05/ubuntu-studio-development-news-may-14-2018/
> http://ubuntustudio.org/2018/05/clarification-on-non-lts-status-of-ubuntu-studio-18-04/
> I am thinking in a solution and my only solution are install Xubuntu
> because this release offer 32 bits support for 18.04 long time support

We thank you very much for the positive posts. However, 32 bit support
is only discontinued for 18.10 and onward, so 18.04 will be good for the
foreseeable future. Additionally, Don't let the non-LTS nature of Ubuntu
Studio 18.04 fool you. The base is still Ubuntu 18.04 LTS which means
all security and applications that normally go into the official Ubuntu
repositories will be supported for 5 years. The only things that will
not be updated specifically are the ubuntustudio-* packages.
Additionally, the 18.04 DVD will not be updated to 18.04.1 and so on. If
you require stability, feel safe using Ubuntu Studio 18.04.

Based on this,

> KIT*
> I install this:
> sudo apt install ubuntustudio-audio linux-lowlatency ubuntustudio-fonts
> *Note:* When Install ubuntustudio-audio this package automatically
> install ubuntustudio-controls
> when do this a windows appear and question to me about enable real
> time I set Yes
> I add the audio group. My user name is wachin, then
> sudo adduser wachin audio
This is unnecessary as ubuntustudio-controls does this for you.
> I review this file:
> sudo gedit /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf
> but I am install in the VirtualBox machine Ubuntu Studio 16.04 x386
> and I saw there are a file contain this:
> @audio   -  rtprio     95
> @audio   -  memlock    unlimited
> See this snapshot
> https://i.imgur.com/eLrK7jx.png
> because that I do not nothing to this file

That's correct. the file needs no modification, nor do you need to add
yourself to the audio group. ubuntustudio-controls does this work for you.

> Then I update the grub:
> sudo update-grub
> When I enter the session and I set in the terminal:
> uname -r
> and appear:
> 4.15.0-22-lowlatency
> then I prepair to use qjackctl and working fine some times, but other
> times not working, appear a noise and nothing I ear

Make sure to manually set qjackctl to your audio card. By default it
doesn't know what audio card to point Jack to, so you do have to
manually configure that. It should, in the settings, show you what audio
cards are available in your system.

Also, our documentation is severely outdated (much of it was written
before ubuntustudio-controls was developed), so please just rely on
ubuntustudio-controls to do the low level configuration and make sure
you read all documentation regarding qjackctl using a simple web search,
or look at the documentation on http://jackaudio.org. To support this
further, please join the #ubuntustudio IRC chat on the Freenode network.
If you don't get a response there, try #jack on the same network for
jack-related issues, or #ubuntu for base operating system issues.

I do need to let you know that Ubuntu Studio's software is not designed
to run on low-end hardware, especially for audio production. This is one
of the reasons we decided to drop 32-bit support for 18.10 onward. For
this reason, I highly recommend finding a newer computer if you can.
Otherwise, we will be unable to provide support in the future.


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