[ubuntu-studio-users] [FINALLY SOLVED] Was: Random total lockups, Ubuntu Studio 16.04, getting increasingly frequent :(

Brian b_lists at patandbrian.org
Sat Oct 28 16:52:52 UTC 2017

On 09/29/2017 04:19 AM, Brian wrote:
> On 09/27/2017 01:38 PM, Brian wrote:
>> On 09/21/2017 10:23 AM, Brian wrote:
>>> On 09/19/2017 08:50 AM, Charlie wrote:
>>> For anybody still following this :-
>>> 1) The problem was unaffected by a downgrade to 16.04 LTS.
>>> 2) I'm becoming more and more convinced that I'm actually dealing with
>>> some kind of hardware problem, i.e. a defective component of my PC
>>> rather than an Ubuntu-related problem. I've got a couple of ideas for
>>> things to try, if one of them is successful in stopping the lockups I
>>> will post again to confirm that it wasn't an Ubuntu problem.
>> I did try tweaking the BIOS setup to move the video frame down below
>> the 4GB boundary (it was set to be above). No difference. The next
>> thing is to try a standalone video card rather than the onboard
>> graphics, so I'm waiting for that nice Mr. Amazon to extract his digit
>> and deliver one.
>> Yep, that solved it - it was hardware, not software. As above, I
>> bought a cheap GeForce 8400 graphics card from Amazon, installed it
>> (which disabled the onboard graphics automagically), installed a
>> compatible set of NVidia drivers (the newest and greatest don't work
>> with this less-than-cutting-edge card) and everything now appears to
>> be rock-solid. I would have expected the PC to lock up something close
>> to ten times by now, given how unstable it was using the on-board
>> graphics. Not even a hint of a problem.
> Seems I was a little premature in claiming a solution. :( The new
> graphics card has massively reduced the frequency of the lockups, but
> they are still occurring, and interestingly I got one this morning
> while still at the command line (my PC boots to a command prompt),
> before I had even started the GUI session. This seems to be even more
> evidence that I'm trying to trace a hardware problem rather than
> something with Ubuntu, I think I'll try posting on one of the hardware
> lists and see whether anybody has any ideas.

Should anybody ever look at this thread, the solution was hardware,
the exact component at fault as yet undetermined, but almost certainly
either a Mobo problem or a failing power supply.

I eventually decided this was an excuse for a hardware upgrade, bought
a new barebones system and took across the drives and graphics card
(the Radeon one) from my old PC. There have been no problems since then.


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