[ubuntu-studio-users] midi lag with roland F20 piano, usb connected

bart deruyter bart.deruyter at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 18:35:02 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I'm having quite a midi problem here. My digital piano, Roland F-20 is
connected to my PC by usb. At first it seems to work quite well, but out of
the blue, while working in Ardour (5.11.4) , when editing notes, I don't
get any sound anymore. Then I notice the notes get played anyway, with a
really giant lag,

I'm not talking milliseconds, I'm talking seconds to even half a minute.
Most of the time playback just stops and then suddenly, as if the system
wants to catch up, all notes are played at such a speed it sounds like the
notes are played simultaneously (maybe it even is simultaneously). It
happens that my piano is unresponsive (I think, no music is played) for

I do connect with jack-midi, because Ardour doesn't use alsa midi anymore.

Is there any known issue with usb-midi? Or should I change some setting in
a config file? Perhaps somewhere a change in priority?

My system is Ubuntustudio 17.04, 64 bit.



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