[ubuntu-studio-users] Software centre not working and crashes

Lawrence H. Bulk lhbcomm at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 20:58:30 UTC 2016

To Ralf:

You may have misunderstood somewhat the nature and reason for my
explanation to the OP. He stated that with a new UbuntuStudio installation,
the Software Centre crashes. This is not the first time I have heard of
such a problem (though it has never happened to me).

He also stated that he was not truly comfortable using the command line.

I recommended 'apt-get' because it ALWAYS works and does so on every
Debian-derived distribution of which I am aware. (I use 'apt' myself on my
own UbuntuStudio machine.)

I explained that, after he updates via the command line that he ALSO run
the Update Manager. The command line does not tell you when it is necessary
to reboot and I do not know how frequently or when the OP last updated his
installation. If it has been a while, a reboot is probably in order. But
the Update Manager will let him know for sure if it's necessary or not.
Frankly I do this myself every day because my computer updates much faster
using the Terminal than it does with the Update Manager or Synaptic.

Perhaps I did not make myself clear: Synaptic (which, in my opinion, is far
superior to that hopeless Software Centre) can only install programs which
are in whatever repositories are currently activated on his computer. And,
if his Software Centre is somehow corrupted, he needs Synaptic in order to
install new programs.

Gdebi installs downloaded (locally stored) .deb programs and does so much
better than does the Software Centre. Such programs are now not often used
as many (most?) of them now have their own PPAs, for example, the VLC
Nightly Builds. But I feel that it's still useful to have gdebi installed
and I wanted to help the OP to become a little more familiar with the
command line.

I hope that this clarifies things and is helpful to the OP.

On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 10:52 AM, Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net>

> Hi,
> On Thu, 17 Nov 2016 10:09:35 -0500, Lawrence H. Bulk wrote:
> >If computer did not need to be rebooted, type the following:
> >
> >sudo apt-get install synaptic
> You could install synaptic, before you reboot. There usually is no
> reason to reboot at all. A reboot only makes sense sometimes, e.g. if
> you want to use a new kernel, or if the old kernel and it's modules were
> removed and you want to start something, that requires modules, that are
> not already loaded. However, you could reboot, it doesn't harm.
> The reason I reply is to inform you about "apt" and "gdebi from command
> line".
> >If you wish to install programs not in Synaptic you might want to
> >install the gdebi program (sudo apt-get install gdebi) which works
> >much better at installing such programs than does the Software Centre.
> AFAIK Synaptic can't do what gdebi could do. IIRC Synaptic can only
> install from repositories, while gdebi could install local packages and
> resolve dependencies from repositories. Local packages are downloaded
> packages or packages you build on your own. However, for 16.04.1 there
> is no need to use gdebi, since apt can do it now, too.
> In the past
>   sudo dpkg -i <path/package> && sudo apt-get install -f
> or
>   sudo gdebi <path/package>
> was needed to install a local package and resolve dependencies,
> nowadays apt is able to do the same. IOW there's no need to install
> anything, just run
>   sudo apt install <path/package>
> Current versions of apt are able to install local packages and resolve
> dependencies. This might not work for old versions of apt, but the
> version provided by 16.04.1 isn't old.
> For new releases of Ubuntu, such as 16.04.1
>   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
> should be replaced by
>   sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade
> since apt became the new official tool for Ubuntu flavours. Help pages
> still mention apt-get, because at least one Ubuntu release that is
> still supported, doesn't provide apt. Anyway, novices don't need to
> learn apt-get commands, it's better thy directly learn apt commands.
> Regards,
> Ralf
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