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Sun May 29 08:50:58 UTC 2016

Hi Magluss!

On 2016-05-29 09:43, Magluss Musica y Naturaleza Audiovisuales.Bandas
Sonora wrote:
> Hello Ralf !
> One question no trascendental, but very interesant for mi.
> After being a novice user from studio ubuntu 14.04 ,
> having looked at and used over a little earlier, studio ubuntu 12.04.
> At last I have as ubuntu 16.04 studio host. I am very happy about that.
> I wonder what to do after installing Ubuntu Studio 16.04 .

Create! :) That is the best way to realize what package you are missing.
And if you miss any package, please let us know which ones, maybe we
will all agree that it should be included by default. Such an addition
will not happen in 16.10 since the feature-freeze was last Thursday, but
if the suggestion is feasible and pertinent, it will happen for 17.04 :)

> I have a blog and want to promote Ubuntu studio 16.04 .
> I'm doing a post about this and it is not clear whether I should follow
> in the footsteps
> of Ubuntu or Xubuntu.
> I mean:
> After updating the system and language , what steps should follow?
> Install ubuntu-restricted-extras or Xubuntu-restricted-extras?
> ¿ codec h264, x-org, sudo fc-cache, libdvdcss2, etc ?

The idea with ubuntu studio is that after installing it, you shouldn't
need to do anything else than get creative and/or work on your
multimedia projects. I usually install sound-converter and download the
latest blender when it comes out. But that is about it.
Nvidia-drivers... but that would be meaningless if you have no Nvidia
graphics card.
> I do not know if I can fully understand this google translator .
> I feel it is still very low my English writing. I am learning. ask this,
> because I 'm interested in promoting studio ubuntu 16.04 in the Spanish
> world.
> And I think there is still too little information to someone who wants to start using Ubuntu Multimedia Studio
> A musical Greeting.
> Magluss

I understood you alright i think. If you are having problems with
reading my email, you can reach me off-list in Spanish. I understand it
perfectly and i can write it with fluent spelling mistakes :)


Set Hallstrom aka sakrecoer

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