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Thomas Pfundt tux at pfundtdesign.de
Thu Jun 30 10:08:35 UTC 2016

Hi Devon,

I wasn't able to reproduce the problem you described, but the crash
behaviour sounds similar to what I experienced in the past when renaming
files in Thunar (the default file browser). It would occasionally just
close on me randomly without an Apport report opening (the box that
usually appears when a program crashes). I think that's what you mean by
"defaulting to the desktop", correct?

As I said, unfortunately I'm unable to help you with the exact problem,
but you could try to install Nautilus as a workaround and use it as your
default file browser at this time. It's the default program in vanilla
Ubuntu and I can at least say that it's never crashed on me, ever. Also,
it's relatively similar in appearance.

If you want to install nautilus, just open a terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get install nautilus

Then enter your password and when it's done installing, open the system
preferences and select Nautilus in the drop-down menu under Default
Applications, tab Tools --> File Manager.

Kind regards,

On 28.06.2016 23:49, Devon Richardson wrote:
> Hi. Whenever I move three or more files from one folder to another,
> Ubuntu defaults to the desktop, similar to a crash, but the computer
> doesn't crash. Does this happen to anyone else?
> /Devon Richardson./
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> //might//...(/*/Ecclesiastes 9:10/*/)//
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