[ubuntu-studio-users] Upgrading offers only 15.x :-(

Lawrence H. Bulk lhbcomm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 13:18:10 UTC 2016

Dear Mr. King,

It's best to wait until the 'official' update which will come when the
first point release (16.04.1) is made available. This will occur on July
21, 2016. I myself will wait a few days after that before updating as the
servers will probably be overloaded with everyone trying to update at the
same time.

I always recommend downloading and burning to a disc (or transferring to a
USB drive) that point release PRIOR to actually updating, just in case
something goes wrong (and that has happened to me). By preparing an
installation medium, you can effect a re-installation with the new release.
(On July 21, it will be much faster if you download the new release via a

ALWAYS make sure you have backed up EVERYTHING to an external hard drive
PRIOR to upgrading the operating system. That way, if something does go
wrong, you will still have all of your folders, files, etc. and they can be
transferred to your new fresh installation (if that is required).

I also make a list of all of my extra installed programs (it is not
necessary to list those which are installed by default) and I also create a
screenshot of all of my extra PPAs so I can easily add them as well. In my
case I make my program list on paper but one could also create an ODT or
PDF document. Either way, with a list of these programs and a list of the
PPAs, it is easy (if a bit time-consuming) to restore your computer to the
state you had previously.

I hope this helps you.


On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 7:58 AM, <sciguy at vex.net> wrote:

> Hello
> The software updater hasn't offered an upgrade from my current 14.x
> version of Ubuntu Studio. I have tried to coax an upgrade to version 16.04
> in the settings, but all it is offering me is version 15. Any ideas as to
> how to fix this to get the latest upgrade?
> Paul King
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