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    Well, after the Windows 10 icon pops up,
      telling me to upgrade . . .

      I started thinking, I not going to pay a subscription fee to MS..
      heck no.


      But, I been looking around the net, trying to find a linux distro,

      that has:


      1. Secure ( From THEME, and Malware..etc..etc..etc.. )

      2. Privacy ( From THEME, and Spyware...etc.etc..etc. )

      3. Audio Media Playback... mp3, flac..and all other lossless
      formats meta data editing..etc.

      4. Video Media Playback.... mkv.. ogg..DVD...etc..etc.

      5. Need a small database NOTE taking app, that I can copy a web
      page text or email text,

      and save that as a record. be able to print out and selected text
      records, and search records,

      and do sub searches..


      6. general office apps... and wireless printer support.. 








I am a little confused as to why you are posting this in the Ubuntu Studio mailing list when you are asking which distro to use and it appears clear you don't even want to do multimedia production. Obviously many people on here are going to recommend Ubuntu Studio as this list is specifically for that distro! Seems a bit counter-productive to me...

If you want things to work out of the box, including mp3 and Flash which both have iffy legalities to them, then Linux Mint is the only distribution that comes to my mind. I know it is based around Ubuntu and comes in various flavours but I haven't used it myself. I tried a few Desktop Environments a few years ago (Gnome, KDE, XFCE, LXDE etc are Desktop Environments, which is basically the package of core programs for how you interact with the computer) and settled on and not moved from XFCE then, despite its few niggles. People say good things about all four of the main ones available as flavours of Linux Mint though so might be worth giving each a try if you have the time.

One of the best things about Linux in general is the ability to run them off a USB key without having to install! This means you can download a few different distributions (or flavours of the sme distro) and give them a go for a day or so without having to install to your hard drive or remove your existing Windows installation. This should at least give you an idea of which DE suits your workflow the best before installing for the long hog. Plenty of guides online but it's pretty easy... ;-)

Regards, Dale.
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