[ubuntu-studio-users] compatibility of motherboards with Ubuntu 14.04

Flaggmann mashfiend at gmx.com
Mon Jun 1 19:50:02 UTC 2015

I have refurbished 9 machines over the past few years as it is cheaper 
than buying new I find, for what I do.

I find intel mobo's are coolest and thus quietest running for one thing. 
I have used all three i3, i5 and i7 versions with no problems with any 
of them.

i5 and i7 you need to have a separate display adapter card as well but 
i3 has built in on board display adapter. Also some i3's will support 
multiple displays in cloned and/or extended configuration where as 
others don't. You need to check the mobo specs on the mfr's spec sheet 
provided online to determine if your specific i3 will do what you want 
to with respect to displays.

It is the same with RAM memory capacities. although they all were 64 bit 
hardware CPU's capable of max memory availability the hardware design of 
the mobo also restricts tha max useable memory that the board is capable 
of. Again check the spec sheets on the mfrs tech support web page for 
that mobo.

One might assume because you have 4 slots and 4 16GB RAM sticks 
installed in a 64 bit mobo that you could make use of 64 GB of RAM but a 
check of the mobo spec might show that it has a max of only 16GB or 32GB 
of RAM so buying any extra is in the least problem manner a waste of 
money and in the greatest problem may not work at all with the max 16 GB 
sticks installed.

I bought a new PC some years back, it had an i3 mobo but max memory was 
only 8GB for that mobo so when I upgraded to 6 GB I discovered that max 
RAM fact 1st and 2nd also discovered that system was faulty from the 
outset and couldn't run on any more than 4 GB of RAM. In short I had to 
swap out the hard drive configured with Mint 17 as the video editor and 
production w/s to another i3 with MAX RAM of 16GB and I replaced it's HD 
with the ubuntu linux w/s hard drive. Only time was the actual swapping 
of the hardware involved. Linux booted up recognized all the changes and 
fired up no problem in both PC's.

I have two i3's running with 3 displays configured for each 2 monitors 
and one large LED HD TV 1920 x 1080p all work well with the internal 
display adapter although in the Mint 17 case I have to keep running 
arandr to enable all three on reboots.

I also have an i7 with standard NIC card as well as on board wireless 
NIC but have to use a separate display adapter because the i7 doesn't 
have on board display. all machines are 64 bit and I have used ubuntu, 
ubuntu studio, Mint, debian and Centos/Fedora without any big hiccups 
with them. Being Intel they are all nice and quiet and cooler running.

I have one AMD and the fan running on it is so loud I can hear it all 
over the house. It also runs quite warm by comparison; Ok in winter but 
need AC running if I use it in summer.

I am not a gamer but the video/photo editing does demand a fair bit of 
resources so I usually use gamer specs and they have suited my purposes 

Hope this helps.
cheers & good luck

On 15-06-01 10:50 AM, Mike Holstein wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 2:00 AM, Donald Campton 
> <donald_llolyd at bigpond.com <mailto:donald_llolyd at bigpond.com>> wrote:
>     G'day all .
>     I am not a top hand with Linux but I have been using it for a few
>     years now, I am wanting to upgrade my mother board to a new one.
>     Ok easy  you say , but not so , I find a lot are not compatible
>     with Ubuntu 14.04 or below.
>     I am at a loss to buy one that I cannot use as a dedicated Ubuntu
>     desk top machine.
>     Could any one Please tell me how to find a board Gaming or work
>     station abilities. I am at the point of saying to hell with it and
>     buy a board and if it is not compatible commit suicide and go with
>     windows and go bald pulling my hair, out with frustration.
>     hope you can help me.
>     my regards Donald .
> ideally, it will be the manufacturer of the hardware that promises 
> linux support.. nothing about linux/ubuntu prevents support for *any* 
> hardware. we dont block support for anything, and its all completely open.
> some facts that may help:
> if you buy a motherboard, if the manufacturer promises windows 
> support, then, if they change something, they provide windows drivers, 
> and they have fulfilled the agreement they promise. what does this 
> mean? it mean, *if* i have a motherboard, lets say, a certain asus 
> motherboard, and i report to you "it works perfect in linux" and you 
> buy that *exact* same model, what can, and often does happen is, the 
> actual chipsets can change on that same model hardware. you'll see 
> "rev2, rev 3.2" etc.. this can make it challenging to maintain a list 
> of promised working linux hardware. and, nothing is "broken" to be 
> fixed, since, the manufacturers are always welcome to provide either 
> linux support to you, or, the information for linux developers to 
> support it in the modular kernel.
> in the future, your hard drive *will* fail, as will all.. so, i say, 
> go ahead and plan for that, and backup your system, and/or important 
> files.. plan for that drive failing, and you'll be able to more easily 
> migrate to the new hardware if that hard drive doesnt "just work" when 
> you plug it in on the new motherboard
> i have changed motherboards quite a few times, and, as long as im 
> aware of the GPU drivers, and do not leave a proprietary nvidia driver 
> installed, and configured on a system that im expecting to move to an 
> integrated intel GPU, i have literally had no issues. i have ran into 
> unsupported NIC's, but, always found acceptable work arounds..
> anyways, i say, go for the price and the features you want in a 
> motherboard, and make sure you can return it, if the creators of it 
> dont explicitly promise linux support.. it really shouldnt be a 
> problem these days, where most hardware does have at least some level 
> of support for modern linux kernels..
> cheers and good luck
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