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Hm…when I created the live USB, I used the Universal Linux Installer thing that Ubuntu has a link to on their site. WHen I did that, I chose, for the Linux distro selection, “Ubuntu Studio Installer” from the drop-down. Maybe I should have just selected “Ubuntu”?

Well, anyhow, I found a really great tutorial: http://www.tweaking4all.com/os-tips-and-tricks/uefi-dual-boot-windows81-ubuntu/, that walked me step by step and right now, as I’m typing this, Ubuntu and Windows are coexisting peacefully on my HD.  I used the Ubuntu iso, instead of the Ubuntu Studio iso. Soon, I’ll run the big apt-get install command for Ubuntu Studio. 

If anyone knows this: what is the difference from bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\shimx64.efi and bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi. 

If you go to the end of the tutorial, you’ll see the second command prompt (Windows) command, but the first one was from the Boot Repair program, and that program said to use it. I did use the first command, but I’m wondering if the second one would be better.



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It could be the version you are using.  I have Ubuntu Studio Live (CD and usb) from Jan 2015 (latest version I've downloaded).  Was the live cd, but I installed it on my flash drive using the Ubuntu program for this.  It works and doesn't ask for a password.  I've never had one that did - any linux live cd and normally can simply install.  I've run the usb on Lenova xtablet with windows 7 on it without any real glitches...

I read this...related to Ubuntu 12, but may help...


there are some suggestions down the thread...

I ran a dual boot system years ago (with windows xp and debian) and the only recommendation i'd make from that experience was to keep a copy of your windows master boot record (also on windows install disc) that way you can fix any glitches that might come up when mucking about...

This was a long time ago...may no longer be relevant...

not very helpful info...my apologies...

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My name is Tony Bienstocke (pseudonym), and I really enjoy using Linux. Recently, I discovered Ubuntu Studio and have been trying to install it. (More on this in a paragraph or so)

I am trying to possibly get into the publishing industry or the movie industry, and I thought that I could whet my appetite with Ubuntu Studio. I do have a bit of Linux knowledge, and I hope this will increase it. And hopefully, I’ll be able to contribute to this community as well.

The only problem is I’ve had trouble installing it on my PC, so I have two questions.

What is the username for the “Other…” account in the live cd (in this case, USB)? I tried “Try Ubuntu Studio without making changes to your PC” and also the “Install Ubuntu Studio” and the OEM install. All three of them ask for a username and password of the “Other….” account. I tried “ubuntu” without a password, then “ubuntu” with that as it's password also, and it doesn't let me in. Personally, I think this needs to be changed where there is no login for the live usb/dvd. But in the meantime, what’s the creds for logging in? I googled around, but I couldn’t find anything.

I have a PC running Win8.1 and I want to dual boot with Ubuntu Studio on another partition. The only think that is making me wary is that I’ve read that UEFI, Windows Boot Loader, and some other things can conflict with the installation of Ubuntu Studio (or just Linux in general) and it's own bootloader. What do I need to be wary of? I’ve turned off fast startup, and I’ve also turned off Windows To Go. I am unable to turn off the Secure Boot, but the live USB seems to boot up fine. (I can’t log in, as you already know). Are there any guidelines or tips or even a step by step that someone could provide me?



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