[ubuntu-studio-users] Thunderbird stuck in fullscreen mode

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Thu Jan 8 00:53:43 UTC 2015

After much searching I found this online:


I adjusted the settings in localstore.rdf as suggested and it fixed it.

But when things like Thunderbird offer an option like fullscreen it is 
pretty bad UI design to not offer an easy option to go back to normal.

David K

On 08/01/15 00:45, David King wrote:
> I am using Ubuntu Studio 14.04, and Thunderbird 31.3.0
> I clicked on something from the Title bar that sent Thunderbird into 
> fullscreen mode, however, I cannot find an option to get it out of 
> fullscreen mode. It is really annoying and I need to get it back to 
> how it was. I have tried closing and reopening Thunderbird a few 
> times, but it starts up fullscreen every time now.
> Anyone know how to resolve this? I need my Thunderbird to go back to 
> normal mode, not fullscreen, so that the normal Title bar is showing 
> and I can switch to other programs, etc. from the panel rather than 
> having to use Alt-Tab.
> David K
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