[ubuntu-studio-users] Ardour: Latest version

Alf Haakon Lund alf at mellomrommet.no
Wed Feb 25 15:55:37 UTC 2015

On 20. feb. 2015 00:20, Mike Holstein wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 4:05 PM, Alf Haakon Lund <alf at mellomrommet.no>
> wrote:
>> (snip)
>> Now my questions are:
>> 1. I guess I should become a subscriber to get the latest and greatest
>> version. How does that work in practice - I subscribe and then get access
>> to a 'secret' PPA?
> you can get a PPA that supplies newer packages, such as ardour. but, PPA's
> are not officially supported by ubuntu, and, you will be on your own with
> support, which, with the strong support team or ardour its self, that is
> not a problem, just something to be aware of.
> (snip)
> what do i suggest for you? regardless of what you are doing, or using, you
> should have *good* backups.. have backups for your projects, so that *when*
> your hard drive *does* fail (as all do) you will have a backup.. this will
> have the added benefit of allowing you to address any issues you may or may
> not have with ardour version instability. then, i say, just use the stock
> version, unless you are having an issue, or want to use the latest from
> ardour. as they saying goes, "if it aint broke.." and it seems like you are
> just "researching" potential problems with ardour and the operating system,
> rather than trying to address a specific problem you are having..
> cheers
> holstein

Thanks a lot for a useful answer! You're quite right, I didn't have any 
serious issue yet (one system freeze, but no data loss). I guess I'll 
subscribe and stay up to date that way.


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