[ubuntu-studio-users] Ardour: Latest version

Dave Woyciesjes woyciesjes at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 24 15:13:35 UTC 2015

Ralf, keep your politics out of this room. It's his choice as to how to 
use his money.

On 02/24/2015 05:16 AM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Feb 2015 21:32:12 -0800, Bruno Ruviaro wrote:
>> ​Probably easiest way is: every now and then go to ardour.org and
>> download the latest stable release directly from their website (I
>> think you need to register and donate a buck to get the full featured
>> one).​
> When doing this try to avoid using PayPal and MasterCard, they e.g.
> ceased taking donations to WikiLeaks, but they never ceased payments to
> NAZIs. To survive on our planet it sometimes is impossible to avoid
> using PayPal. We should care about such unethical things when ever
> possible, I for example never ever will order from Amazone again,
> because they prefer tax haven and exploitation of employees over law
> and ethics. However, unfortunately it's impossible to drop PayPal
> completely, but perhaps you could pay for Ardour using another method
> of payment.

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