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Mike Holstein mikeh789 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 23:20:49 UTC 2015

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 4:05 PM, Alf Haakon Lund <alf at mellomrommet.no>

> Hello list,
> Irecently started educating myself to the wonders of Ardour. Then today I
> became aware of the 'What's new' section on Ardour's website (
> http://ardour.org/whatsnew.html). This section strongly encourages linux
> distros to upgrade to Ardour 3.5.403 and even states that it's
> irresponsible not to.
> My system, Ubuntu Studio 14.04, is still running Ardour 3.5.308~dfsg-1.
> I'm familiar with Ubuntu's policy of choosing the latest (or stablest)
> version of a program at the time of release and then sticking with that
> until the next ubuntu release.
> Now my questions are:
> 1. I guess I should become a subscriber to get the latest and greatest
> version. How does that work in practice - I subscribe and then get access
> to a 'secret' PPA?

you can get a PPA that supplies newer packages, such as ardour. but, PPA's
are not officially supported by ubuntu, and, you will be on your own with
support, which, with the strong support team or ardour its self, that is
not a problem, just something to be aware of.

> 2. Can someone explain to me the deeper meaning of version numbers?
> I mean, does the difference in version numbers (3.5.403 vs 3.5.308) really
> mean that the Ardour team released almost a hundred updates not
> incorporated into Ubuntu Studio 14.04?

you'd have to ask ardour team how they release, and the versions, though,
im sure they are not sequential.. but, ubuntu studio *is* ubuntu.. its
frozen. the versions of most software that the OS ships with, are what the
versions stay (except for example firefox, which is patched and updated)..
ubuntu is not a "rolling release", so, when new versions of ardour come
out, they are *not* automatically updated. backporting a newer version of
ardour into the 14.04 LTS version, for example, since, its officially
supported for 3 years, can happen. more information at

i say, try and just be aware of where the burden of support is.. what i
mean, is... you are using ubuntustudio. it ships with what it ships with..
those packages are tested, and built to run on that OS. *if* you need/want
a newer version, there are many ways to do that. for example, the PPA"s you
reference.. but, *then*, its not ubuntu's package. its the creator of the
PPA's responsibility to support your package, and you may find that is not
ok with your needs..

also, if you want support from the ardour community, you will be asked, and
required to run the version from the ardour site. what do i do? i
personally decided to contribute, and i have access to download the latest
supported version from the ardour team, realizing, that running that
version means i go to the ardour team for support with it, not the ubuntu
team, since, its from the ardour team.

what do i suggest for you? regardless of what you are doing, or using, you
should have *good* backups.. have backups for your projects, so that *when*
your hard drive *does* fail (as all do) you will have a backup.. this will
have the added benefit of allowing you to address any issues you may or may
not have with ardour version instability. then, i say, just use the stock
version, unless you are having an issue, or want to use the latest from
ardour. as they saying goes, "if it aint broke.." and it seems like you are
just "researching" potential problems with ardour and the operating system,
rather than trying to address a specific problem you are having..



> Best wishes,
> Alf
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