[ubuntu-studio-users] Why was 14.10 only supported for 9 months? Best one yet.

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Fri Feb 6 07:29:55 UTC 2015

The support period is not really up to us. Mainly it is up to Canonical
who maintain the ubuntu base packages which all Ubuntu flavors share,
and there would be no way for the other flavors to take over such a
massive amount of maintenance. On top of that, we do not maintain XFCE -
xubuntu devs does, which would make it hard even if Ubuntu main packages
were still maintained.

Ubuntu supports their LTS for 5 years, however all the flavors support
theirs only for 3 years. This is the reason we are only supporting 14.04
for 3 years. Probably we will stop supporting 12.04 this spring, all
though we have claimed to support it for 5 years until now.

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