[ubuntu-studio-users] Missing icons in kdenlive on UbuntuStudio 15.10 (SOLVED)

WMID wachin.id at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 20:46:25 UTC 2015

> Hi, zequence said me from Xchat that I generate a bug report because
> kdenlive 15.10 has not icons:


In this report a man called Flames said to me that this is a duplicate:


But in this said this:

Patola (patola) <https://launchpad.net/~patola> wrote on 2015-12-02:#5

Just an info to whoever is subscribed to this bug: this problem does not
occur on the kdenlive version of ppa:vpinon/kdenlive-testing - and it also
has not crashed yet as I have tested, whilst the official ubuntu wily
version crashes almost every time I am doing or selecting a title clip
(shame on you, canonical! This software should not be unstable, you should
be more diligent on ensuring stability for your users; the fact that a
voluntary-compiled 'testing' version of the same software works better than
yours is testimonial to your sloppy testing procedure. Or maybe you are bad
in getting feedback from your users, my own bug requests are left
unattended for a long period).

Next I install that PPA:

and have icons kdenlive:



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