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thanks for the tip. 
I'll try using the pid to kill jackdbus, though I thought it was killed by right clicking in systemmonitor and clicking on destroy process. That did not help to get jackd running again by the way.

I find it weird that it used to work in previous versions of ubuntu and not now. 
I run an external device as soundcard (audiofire12) and don't keep it on every day (I do mind to keep power consumption low, so I don't activate things when I don't need them) . Starting up with jackd running is not an option I'm afraid since my soundcard won't be on, and jack would definately crash.

Have two lots of Jack settings saves in qjackctl. Have it your computer start-up with the settings for the onboard audio. If you connect your external interface all you have to do is Stop Jack, chose the settings for your external device, reStart Jack. It's what I always used to do when running Ubuntu Studio.
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