[ubuntu-studio-users] No sound during video playback

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Fri Sep 19 10:44:46 UTC 2014

As I wrote earlier, the loss of sound is in all video playback programs, 
except for one (UM Player), although it works when playing videos from 
websites in Firefox.

The default video player in Ubuntu Studio (just called Videos) is not 
playing any sound, and that is not from a PPA.

Does anyone else have this problem or any idea on how to resolve it?

David King

On 15/09/14 16:03, Mike Holstein wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 5:43 AM, David King <linuxman at avoura.com 
> <mailto:linuxman at avoura.com>> wrote:
>     I am having a problem with getting sound from videos. It used to
>     work just fine, no problem, regardless of video format/codecs.
>     But since the last few days, when I play a video in the default
>     video player in Ubuntu Studio 14.04 there is no sound. Same goes
>     for using VLC and Xine. However, if I play it in UMPlayer, the
>     sound works. Sound in other applications, e.g. playing a video in
>     Firefox, works perfectly, or playing music in Rhythmbox, so I know
>     my sound system is functioning. But no more sound in some video
>     playback, so what could cause that and how would I fix that?
>     I am wondering if a recent update might have caused this.
> are you using any PPAs? if its just one isolated player that is not 
> playing the files, i would either remove/rename the config file for 
> the application in my users /home, or test playing a file with the 
> application as another user or the guest user. this will tell you if 
> its a problem with the actual application, or the config file for the 
> application in your users /home.
> if you find you have a bug, you can use 
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs
> what i like to do is lay out the *exact* circumstances for the issue, 
> as well as, in your case, sharing a common file that is not playing 
> for you so that another user, such as myself, can test and try and 
> replicate the issue. keep in mind, if you are using PPA's, make sure 
> the files that are being used are ubuntu files/applications and not 
> files from the PPA's.. if you use PPA's, you will report issues/bugs 
> with those files/applications provided by the PPA's with the PPA 
> maintainers..
> good luck and let us know what you figure out..
>     David King
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