[ubuntu-studio-users] HTML5 and pulseaudio in firefox

Set Hallström sakrecoer at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 13:03:30 UTC 2014

Thanks Mike!!! Your response is always highly appreciated :)

Just to be on the safe side: i am NOT running jack while this happens....
Only pulse....
Maybe i should correct this line:
"new firefox audio output is created."
should read
"new firefox audio PLAYBACK is created." i am talking about the PulseAudio
volume Control panel....

However, i can live it. These playback instances disappear by themselves
after a while. It is just something i have to think about when developing
my website: refreshing with short intervals is a bad idea on pages with
audio-tags in firefox.

I'll try my luck at mozzilla and pulse too!!!

Thank you very much for your time and energy!

Set Hallström
reSet Sakrecoer
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