[ubuntu-studio-users] Questions about production

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Jul 27 08:52:56 UTC 2014

What are your jackd, resp. QjackCtl settings?

Periods/Buffers should be 2, if possible, but sometimes 3 is needed,
other sizes make no sense.
Frames/Period depends on your hardware combination ;), the lower you can
go, the better ;).
48 KHz is the preferred Sample Rate for studio usage, lower sample rates
aren't good and higher sample rates usually are only good to get lower
latency for stage usage. Just a few devices aren't optimised to 48 KHz,
if so using another sample rate could be useful for studio usage too.

When using Qtractor for audio recording, changing the Frames/Period
between recording and mixing does cause an serious issue. The latency
correction will not be corrected and Qtractor already hasn't a good
latency correction, if you stay with the same latency.

It's a trick to record with low latencies, less effects, playing not all
tracks = less DSP load and to mix with higher latencies, when all tracks
and effects are needed. You shouldn't try to do this with Qtractor, at
least not with the versions I used.

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