[ubuntu-studio-users] Installing Scrivener

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at anvilcom.com
Tue Jan 7 21:30:07 UTC 2014

Hi, Everybody,
The beta version of Scrivener for Linux installs and works nicely on 
12.04 LTS, (using the beta.deb link at
- the other link didn't work for me) but won't install on Ubuntu Studio 
so it works.  It's there in the Office menu but when I click on it, 
nothing happens.  The structural elegance of US is lost (although I have 
no complaint about 12.04 LTS) when I switch boxes (and lose my gajillion 
dollar view of the Texas Hill Country, which is still breathtaking three 
years into living/working in this cabin - staring out the window is, 
more often than not, a religious experience) for fiction writing.

Is there a way to install Scrivener so it works in US?  I have Jutoh on 
US, working fine, but I think it was written in Linux code (so USC 
installs it), and Scrivener for Linux is the Windows version ported to 
Linux, but Scrivener started out being a Mac app.  OSX code is, I've 
heard, coded in a version of Unix.  It seems like it ought to work.

So far, I'm a non-CLI user (although I have a few books about learning 
it - it's kind of like DOS [in which I felt competent] was before MS got 
their GUI to the point where they'd inflict it on the computer using 
public for final testing, (to me), only there's a lot more to learn in 
Linux to be functional in it) unless I have the code to type into the 
CLI, and I do very little of that, almost none.  Statistically, it is none.

Scrivener suits me more than Jutoh, which is a wonderful tool for 
writing nonfiction books and converting them into ebooks, but the 
Scrivener GUI, I guess, has been around a long time.  Somehow, I think 
about fiction writing instead of the app while working in Scrivener.  I 
get into flow and stay there for hours, doing the hard work that I love.

I'd appreciate some help.  Or insight.  Or code.  Thanks.

Tommy Tolson
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