[ubuntu-studio-users] Fwd: no sound at all after switch to ubuntustudio

Alf Haakon Lund alf at mellomrommet.no
Mon Jan 6 21:35:28 UTC 2014

On 26. des. 2013 17:33, Arno Waschk wrote:
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> Betreff:     no sound at all after switch to ubuntustudio
> Datum:     Thu, 26 Dec 2013 17:19:42 +0100
> Von:     Arno Waschk <hamamatsu at gmx.de>
> Antwort an:     arno at arnowaschk.de
> An:     mailto:ubuntu-studio-users at lists.ubuntu.com
> dear list,
> can you please help me? I can hear no sound on my machine.
> I had previously "normal" Ubuntu installed, and everything worked.
> Now i have installed ubuntustudio from synaptic along with lots of audio
> applications.
> Since i rebooted and logged in into ubuntustudio, i can hear no sound.
> No matter whether i want to play from normal applications like chrome,
> or specialist applications like ardour3, nothing.
> There is the pulseaudio-jack module installed.
> When i am playing e. g. something via mplayer -ao pulse, i can see that
> the volume indicator shown in pulseaudio's volume control application
> does move as it should in both the application’s tab showing mplayer is
> "sending" and the device tab, showing the pulseaudio-jack sink's volume
> moving.
> In qjackctl the pulseaudio sink is wired to the system as it should too.
> i am running on a fujitsu s792 lifebook.
> jack is connecting (alsa) to hw(0,0), which is named ALC269VB Analog
> under the (only) HDA Intel device which is what i have on the mainboard
> of my notebook.
> I cannot play either via mplayer -ao alsa, or -ao jack, or -ao oss. All
> other applications i could find failed to play either.
> Mplayer does not throw an error message or other hint that something
> might go wrong.
> When booting into windows, everything is fine, so the hardware does work.
> Do you have any idea what might go wrong, or where i would need to
> investigate the case?
> The only "suspicious" thing i can find is that when launching alsamixer,
> it only shows one "master" track.
> Pressing F6 shows a list with 2 devices, one "- (default)", the second
> "0 HDA Intel PCH". So maybe somewhere is an empty thing defaulted? If i
> switch alsamixer to the second entry, i see the usual dozen of "tracks",
> although i did not find a possibility of unmuting or the like there to
> change my situation.
> Any ideas? I would be more than grateful for any hints!
> Yours, Arno

I'm late in answering this, and hopefully you got your system working 
already. Did you try a fresh install or a live disk?

Good luck!


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