[ubuntu-studio-users] Password issues

BA Huys bahuys.photography at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 15:07:07 UTC 2014

To get rid of password, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword 
This usually works for me.  Reset whichever account password you want to 
get in to.  I'm with you though, I cant remember how to remove 
proprietary drivers, but I've done that before.  If it's Nvidia, maybe 
reinstall the noveau drivers?  Sometimes they work better than the 
Nvidia prop drivers.

On 01/01/2014 09:27 AM, Alex Armani wrote:
> Hi folks, happy new year to one and all. I've got a couple of issues 
> that I need help with with my 'buntu installation.
> 1. Can only log in as guest, and need to remove the propriety drivers. 
> I was having issues with my external monitor only going up to 1024 * 
> 768 whereas get 1280 * 1024 on the Windows 7, so I tried the propriety 
> drivers, but then it wouldn't boot at all. So I can ctrl alt f2 and 
> enter passord so can get root shell. So I need a CLI command to remove 
> the propriety drivers, and need to sort the password issues out. I had 
> this prob before but managed to fix it put cannot remember how. So I 
> can get root shell, just can't login and change any settings and don't 
> really wanna go the create new user root etc Running Gnome 3
> aha, tia from Alex.
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>  Alex at Armani.PM
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> tB.xx
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> Acer Aspire 5551: AMD Athlon P320 (2.1 GHz), 3GB RAM, ATI HD 425o 
> Graphics.
> 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit Ubuntu Studio 13.1o, 32bit Lubuntu 
> 13.o4
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