[ubuntu-studio-users] I'd like to install the AMD propriety drivers to see if I can fix this prob.

Thomas Orgis thomas-forum at orgis.org
Sun Aug 10 13:02:01 UTC 2014

Am Sat, 9 Aug 2014 12:36:21 -0400
schrieb Mike Holstein <mikeh789 at gmail.com>: 

> one trick i use is, i'll fire up a knoppix live CD or puppy and use the
> wizard to try and force the desktop into the geometry i want.. 

You can also try to add new modes that were not detected automatially:


Sometimes that is needed for a combination of video card and monitor.
If you know your monitor does 1280x1024 at 60 Hz, you can normally tell
this to your Linux box using xrandr, dynmically within the running
desktop. Of course, graphical tools using xrandr might helpt you with

Generally, I really like the Open Source Radeon drivers. I switched
from flaky internal Intel graphics to a HD5450 card on my office box,
driving 3 displays (the outer ones rotated). Not perfect, but it seems
like the best option right now. I avoid binary driver blobs unless I
really know I need them (p.ex. for 3D performance).

What I don't like at all about all of Linux graphics is that it has
gotten really bad with video tearing in default setups. That used to
work before that 3D desktop frenzy.

Alrighty then,

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