[ubuntu-studio-users] sudden latency

Roy Damen roydamen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 17:03:26 UTC 2014

Hello people, today i spent hours on linux-musician wiki to find out what
the trouble was with my sudden latency of almost a second. Every test and
check showed everything was ok. For a moment i doubted myself, my machine
and everything Ubuntu. I turned off the computer and tested guitar-sound.
To my surprise the delay was still there(connected to an usb-mixer). Now i
recalled: the remotecontroller of the soundamplifier has an audio-delay
button that was pressed(more than 500msec delay!!) Now i ended up with a
pretty good stable productionsystem, without having to ask for help here.
At least i can give a good canonical link wich has some good new tips for
what nót to do to fix audio:

Best regards and happy UbuntuStudio producing,

Roy Damen
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