[ubuntu-studio-users] Netflix on Ubuntu Studio 14.04

Rob lau at kudla.org
Tue Apr 29 17:47:17 UTC 2014

On 04/29/2014 01:14 PM, Israel wrote:
> Another thing of note, Netflix has recently said they are working on an 
> HTML5 version of the site to run on all devices.  Currently it only runs
> on the Windows Phone, but they are working to make it work on all 
> devices.  So soon (hopefully) they will finally drop Silverlight in 
> favor of more compatibility.

By "run on all devices", they mean "run on all devices with browsers that
implement proprietary DRM on HTML5 videos". Surely you must have heard
about the political games surrounding the EME (Encrypted Media Extensions)
proposal in front of the W3C last year, which would specify a standard
interface through which DRM providers could provide non-standard encryption
modules which, needless to say, would be provided in binary form only...
Netflix is one of the biggest proponents of that "feature".

The only reason Netflix currently works using "HTML5" on IE11 on Win8.1 is
because Microsoft added those extensions independently, without waiting for
the W3C. So, Netflix still depends on a proprietary, Windows-only binary.
Maybe later this year it'll also be available as a proprietary iOS binary
or proprietary Android binary, but I'd be pretty surprised if any Linux
browser (with the possible exception of the binary version of Chrome, since
Netflix does plan to support ChromeOS) will support these extensions.


It could still be a better solution than the Pipelight one, but it's a far
cry from what most people (or even companies) mean when they say
"HTML5 video", thinking they're talking about an open standard that will
run on anything.


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