[ubuntu-studio-users] Ubuntu Studio Trusty Tahr 14.04 LTS Release Announcement

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Thu Apr 17 20:36:01 UTC 2014

A new LTS release of Ubuntu Studio is out. It will be supported for 3

There are a few bugs in the final release that we weren't able to fix
before release. The worst of those is probably a usb2/usb3 bug, which
you can read about following the links below. So, take your time testing
this release before deciding to use it for production.

..and if you find any additional bugs, please report them. You can read
more about how to do that in the links below as well.

A short version of the release notes at our website:
A longer wiki version:

Hope you enjoy this release!

/ Kaj Ailomaa - Ubuntu Studio project leader

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