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Israel israel at torios.org
Sun Apr 13 03:24:17 UTC 2014

Hi again!

On 04/12/2014 09:48 PM, Mike Holstein wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 8:29 PM, Israel <israel at torios.org 
> <mailto:israel at torios.org>> wrote:
>     Well, I am now dual booting [well... triple booting as I need
>     MacOSX for my wife's phone :(   ]
>     I use Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu Studio 12.04.  It works out of the
>     box in Studio 12.04
> ubuntustudio *is* ubuntu
Yes, I do understand this, though Ubuntu Studio is configured for AV 
usage much more than Ubuntu is (lowlatency kernel is default, as you 
well know)

>     I didn't have to try anything fancy.
>     I am using a Presonus Firebox.
> i use a presonus firepod
Nice!  It is good to know other Presonus devices work well!

>     I prefer to use only FLOSS and only want to install it rather than
>     use a liveCD/USB/DVD (unless it is puppy),
> the live CD's i suggest *are* FLOSS, and the one you used to install 
> ubuntustudio will do fine. its so you can tweak and try configurations 
> and easily get back to a default state without breaking your current 
> installation
I know they are Libre software... I simply meant that I'd rather install 
it than use a Live system.  The only thing I am tweaking is QJackCtrl in 
order to make it see the FireBox, in 14.04.  the presets can be easily 
reset, as I have a 'safe' saved preset using alsa and and experimental 
preset for firewire

>     but thanks for your info.
>     I am in 12.04 right now, but if you need me to run some commands
>     and post the output I would be glad to. Presonus Firebox is
>     already on FFADO (which is why I got it).
> the presonus firepod works "out of the box" for me in ubuntustudio 
> 12.04 through 14.04

Unfortunately this is not the case with Ubuntu (not Ubuntu Studio). So 
that is why I am posting to the Ubuntu Studio list, in order to find out 
what is different in Studio, so I can simply configure whatever it is by 
hand to work.  And I appreciate you spending so much of your time trying 
to help me!

>     I got the interface specifically to use in Ubuntu... but 14.04 is
>     having issues with it.
> presonus doenst officially support linux.. RME does AFAIK
I know, it says that on the FFADO page, but in the comments someone 
mentioned that it did actually work 'out of the box' in Ubuntu 12.04, so 
I figured I'd get it (12.04 is supported for long enough anyhow)

>     To enable it in Studio 12.04
> there is no "enable" process for the firepod i have from presonus. it 
> literally just runs when i have proper supported firewire chipsets
hmmm... you don't even need to start the mixer?  I may try without 
starting the mixer... but surely you need Jack, right?

Mike, I really appreciate all your patience and hard work in helping me 
to resolve this issue with 14.04.  either way, I am glad to have 12.04 
working splendidly with it.
I always enjoy the process of getting some old 'broken' computer and 
giving it new life with Ubuntu (or in some cases Debian or Fedora... and 
once in a while Puppy).
Thanks for helping me turn this old Mac someone thought was useless into 
a recording studio :)
I am not sure I can say thank you enough times, but I do really 
appreciate your help!
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